Sell your debts at online auction Debex with active
sale by our brokers
Sell and buy debts in a few clicks at the most technologically
advanced debt auction
How does it work
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Portfolio upload
Seller uploads the debt portfolio through a user-friendly interface. One can configure fields for import and save the portfolio upload template.
Portfolio preparation
Portfolio is divided into lots and collection agents specialized in certain types of debts are invited to the auction
Active portfolio sale
Our Brokers start actively selling your lot to buyers. We find and notify all suitable collection agents to get the best offer on the market.
Beginning of the auction
Auction provides a dynamic intensity of bids for
participants guaranteeing maximum price for seller's lots.
Seller and buyer make a deal.
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Electronic document workflow
Accreditation, documents downloading, applications filing, bidding, correspondence - everything is done remotely, on the platform.
All rates are logging, there is no risk of affiliation between the seller and the buyer, the seller receives the maximum market price.
Process automation allows you to bid and receive the best offer in the shortest possible time.
The ability to attract international partners - both sellers and buyers.
We will help to buy and sell debts efficiently
We offer a convenient platform for safe and efficient trading
Trading from any device coming soon
Debex interface is adaptive. Now you can trade regardless of your location.
Clear interface, fast registration and free demo access
Convenient interface and registration in just 2 minutes.
Regular flow of portfolios
We will provide a regular flow of portfolios and additional data for its full analysis.
Assistance in machine learning based lot formation
coming soon
Portfolio lottery lot formation system analyzes past auctions and helps you to split your portfolio correctly to maximize the price.
Proactive sale and portfolio search by our brokers
Our brokers are constantly looking for interesting offers and will help you to make the best deals possible.
Intellectual auction planner
coming soon
Activity of buyers and final price of the auction depend on auction's start time. We will show you optimal time and the beginning date.
Assistance in bank accreditation
Your personal manager will help you to get through bank accreditation to access the most interesting auctions.
Optimal auction time
It takes a few days to evaluate the portfolio. Also, trading shouldn't take place at night. We have taken this into account and adjusted the auction system correctly.
Access to portfolio contents via API
coming soon
Provide your risk analysts with easy, software-based access to full portfolio information. Scoring has never been so easy and fast.
Debex for sellers
We provide an opportunity to realize NPL debt quickly, transparently and profitably
Convenient portfolio uploading mechanism
Flexible lottery
Best offer for portfolio
Personal manager and much more
Debex for buyers
Large number of debt portfolios trades by banks from all over Russia
Large scaled
Large selection of lots
Full description of the portfolios
Convenient uploading mechanism
Flexible betting system
Notification about profile trades and more
Leave a request for connection and you'll receive special conditions
Convenient. Efficient. Technological
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